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Creating Your Perfect Bachelorette Party

Before you celebrate your life-long love with your partner, you need to celebrate all the ladies in your life! There are so many different options for a bachelorette party. Are you looking to go out with a bang and party until the break of dawn or chill and relax with your girlfriends? Whichever bachelorette route you take, you’re sure to have a fantastic final time out with the ladies.

If you’re looking to go on a weekend trip, there are many destinations that would be a lot of fun to celebrate your upcoming marriage. Go out to a city like Nashville, New Orleans, Las Vegas or Miami to have some fun nightlife and big city experiences. If you’re looking to relax a little more, try a city like Scottsdale, San Diego, or San Francisco. Within every city there are many activities you and your girl squad can do throughout the weekend. Check out the local favorite bars and restaurants or go sightseeing! Big cities are sure to create any vibe you are looking for.

Going for a more low-key bachelorette party? You can always celebrate in your hometown with your closest friends! Host a lunch or dinner event at a local venue or even at your home. Order in or cook your favorite meals and pop some champagne to celebrate the day. Check out Pinterest for any DIY you can imagine, from snacks and drink ideas to decor and photo ops. Having a more intimate bachelorette party with your friends and family can be very meaningful.

If you’re trying to pamper you and your girls before the big day, have a spa day! Find a spa that offers massages and facials and go relax by the pool. Head over to the nail salon and have everyone get mani pedis together. If you want to be more budget friendly, host the spa day yourself!

A trendy bachelorette party theme right now is fitness and fun. Take a yoga class on the beach or find some hiking trails. After your workout go get some smoothies and greens! A little self-care before the wedding isn’t a bad idea.

To make sure you are “squad goals” you could think of a theme or hashtag to go along with your bachelorette celebrations. Have you and all your girls get matching shirts that let the whole world know that you are tying the knot! You’ll want to make sure all the photoshoots you have are Instagram worthy.

With the possibilities endless for your bachelorette party, you can’t go wrong. Think of your favorite things to do with your girls and go out and do them one last time before you put a ring on it! Your bachelorette party is all about celebrating your upcoming big day, and your squad will make sure you have the best time.

Check out our Pinterest to see some more ideas for your Bachelorette Party!

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